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Highlights from previous webinars...

AppDemoJam for Sales

We won the AppDemoJam LIVE at French Touch Dreamin' and London's Calling. Help us win the AppDemoJam hat-trick! 

Spring '17 Release Webinar

Taskfeed Spring ‘17 focusses on a greatly improved mobile app in Salesforce1, Board Teams and Branded External Sharing. There are also many other new feature and improvements.

Winter '17 Release Webinar

Taskfeed Winter '17 brings greater refinement and amazing new ways to work on customer projects.

Taskfeed 9 Release Webinar

Taskfeed 9 dramatically improves how you work with your tasks and brings new ways to collaborate with customers and partners (Beta).

Introduction to Taskfeed

Join the weekly live webinar. Ideal if you are considering Taskfeed or just interested in learning more. We will take an in-depth tour of Taskfeed and let you ask questions as we go.

Cirrus Insight + Taskfeed: Using Inbox Apps™

‍Join Jason Hubbard, VP of Marketing at Cirrus Insight, and the Founder and CEO at Taskfeed, Andy Mahood, for a live webinar on how to use Taskfeed Inbox App for Cirrus Insight.

Learn what's new in Taskfeed 8

‍Taskfeed 8 brings entirely new ways to work with tasks and projects in Taskfeed. Taskfeed is now available for Gmail, Outlook and in your Calendar. The new Due Date view lets you focus on what's next.

Learn what's new in Taskfeed 7

‍Taskfeed 7 is the biggest enhancement yet with multiple owners on Tasks, personal Task priority and inbox along with a list of other new features.