Close Deals Faster

Close deals faster and gain a more predictable forecast with a sales plan you can share with the customer.

Get everyone on the same page

Prevent deals slipping by co-ordinated the team behind an engagement plan you can share with the customer.

Work as a team

Team selling requires that you align everyone behind a single plan. Once the plan is in place and everyone knows their role and responsibility then everything else becomes much easier.

Expert Services Teams

You require subject matter experts or global teams to move deal forward. Use Taskfeed to engage the people who will help you move your deal forward.

Close Plans

Define best practice actions or required steps for working through deals. Tasks can be automatically scheduled and assigned to your Opportunity Team.

Built on the Salesforce platform. 100% Native.

Runs on Salesforce, the worlds #1 CRM.

When Customer Onboarding is managed from Salesforce your teams are more collaborative, on the same page, and the most critical stage of your customer lifecycle is managed all in one place.

Divvy up and track tasks

When you have multiple roles working on a deal including Account manager, Pre-sales consultants, Sales engineers, and more then it becomes important to ensures ownership and accountability for each step of the deal.

Forecast with confidence

Mapping out the tasks as a plan provides a more realistic close date. Better close dates means a more accurate Forecast.

Build your own Deal Playbooks

For run-rate deals sales management can define best practice close plans. These plans help best practices permeate through a larger sales organisation.

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