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PatSnap is a leading Intellectual Property Analytic and Management platform.

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Experiencing tremendous growth PatSnap identified customer onboarding as a primary challenge to overcome. PatSnap identified challenges keeping on top of each customer through the onboarding process. It was difficult to understand where each customer was in their process and ensure they were delivering effectively for each customer.


PatSnap had started to try and solve this through customization of Salesforce. This allowed them track the overall stage each customer was in and who was managing the Customer. It quickly became evident that this did not provide them with a plan or next action for each customer. Alongside Salesforce the team started to use Trello to visualise the progress of customers through each stage of the process. Trello did help their teams visibility but they quickly found that Trello being disconnected from Salesforce meant they needed to update both systems or teams would lose their view of customer progress. As they started using Trello they realised they couldn’t automate this or create the reports necessary to track key metrics. PatSnap first met Taskfeed at Pulse Europe 2017 and recognised that Taskfeed would allow them to define Custom Onboarding plans for each Customer and track customer progress through each stage fully integrated with Salesforce. This provided an easy-to-use way to track each customer that was automated and connected from Sales, through to Onboading and onto Customer Success. In 2018 PatSnap were invited to share their transformative story as a “Customer Success Showcase” at Pulse Europe 2018.

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