Shaun joined the Taskfeed team in 2017 and in three years his impact on the business has been enormous. He has taken Taskfeed from being a product to becoming a company, and in the process created a brand new playbook for how we engage with and deliver to our customers. 

It’s with a lot of sadness therefore that today we must say goodbye to Shaun as he leaves Taskfeed. At the same time though, we are excited for his next step as he goes on to be the Head of Growth at Breadwinner, the Salesforce financial integration solution. We know he’s going to smash it -  he’s got form here at Taskfeed. 

Kicking off in 2017 with a three month long US tour, Shaun took this opportunity to meet the Taskfeed customers in person and cement relationships. In the process he also laid the foundation for the human-first approach to business that would underpin the astonishing 300%+ growth that Taskfeed has seen since 2017. 

Human-first means different things to different people, but for Shaun it means building genuine and fun relationships. If you ever been to Surfforce, the Salesforce community event that Shaun instigated and ran for three years you’ll have seen this approach in action. Other notable events include his Karaoke rendition of Barbie Girl at the CCO Summit last year.. Hearing is believing (and if you have any actual footage, please share..)

All the while, Shaun was building a commercial function that took Taskfeed from a small Salesforce app to being a leading player in the SaaS Customer Onboarding market.

We wish Shaun all the luck in the world. The Salesforce Ecosystem is such that we know he will not be a stranger. In fact, we are Breadwinner customers ourselves :) We look forward to working with him over the years to come as Taskfeed also takes the next step in their journey, having recently joined forces with Precursive.

So long and thanks for all the fun. We’ll miss you, Shaun.