Hugo’s recent Customer Success Market Map highlights the fact that the Customer Success Technology market has truly exploded. It also points out that there are now eight definable categories of tool. 

What their infographic does not illustrate however is the actual selection businesses are making from this wide choice, and importantly for those who want to build a seamless single platform customer experience, in what combination. 

That’s where the data from our recent Customer Onboarding benchmarking survey comes in handy...

When connected meeting notes software provider, Hugo, recently published their map of the Customer Success market, our thought process ran something like this..

Firstly, there really are a lot of vendors out there for Customer Success managers to choose from.

Secondly there are a lot of different categories of vendors to choose from - 8 in fact!

Finally, given this complexity of market choice, how are people making a choice and putting the right tools together to deliver one seamless experience that really delivers? 

In short, what is the best Customer Success Tech Stack?  

This is where Taskfeed are able to shed some light. We just finished crunching the data from the Customer Onboarding industry’s biggest survey and pulling together the findings into our second benchmarking report. Tech Stack was one of the areas that we really zeroed in on. 

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So what did we find? 

Salesforce is still the top choice of business platform

So first things first, it probably comes as little surprise that Salesforce dominates as the CRM of choice for today's B2B technology-driven business. While there is some challenge from Hubspot in the smaller business market, it is clear that larger and fast growing organisations are still relying on this increasingly mature platform as their technology touchstone.

Enterprise and Hyper-growth are investing in Specialist Customer Success Management tools

This is where the findings start to get a little more nuanced. It seems from the data, that many respondents from the Early Stage and SMB business segments are still relying on customising non-specialist tools e.g. Salesforce, to provide for their CSM needs. However, it’s clear that the Hyper-growth business segment is investing in CSM platforms, in particular Gainsight, and that they are seeing value as a result. 

Best-of-breed Customer Onboarding tools are a relatively new concept

The final piece of the Customer Success puzzle lies in the onboarding and that’s where the findings really highlighted a surprising reality -  across all segments, Salesforce and the use of spreadsheets still has the largest market share when it comes to onboarding tools. Where a selection has been made from the Customer Onboarding category, then Taskfeed comes out as the main choice.

So while it’s true that businesses recognise the need for more automation, management, and metrics, their journey more often that not starts out with building ad-hoc onboarding capabilities within the Salesforce platform. 

Which is a lost opportunity, as those that have made the move to best-of-breed tools are experiencing better satisfaction with their processes and customer outcomes as a result.

"Salesforce is a great CRM and you can do a lot with it. However, Taskfeed is an extension f this and allows us to use Salesforce even better." Nick Turner, Head of Onboarding, Gocardless
"Salesforce is a great CRM and you can do a lot with it. However, Taskfeed is an extension f this and allows us to use Salesforce even better." Nick Turner, Head of Onboarding, Gocardless

Salesforce + Gainsight + Taskfeed = Customer Success

So to answer the original question, when it comes to putting together a Customer Success Tech Stack across the different categories, it’s the combination of Salesforce, Gainsight and Taskfeed that’s the favourite. But there’s a lot of businesses out there still hacking around in Salesforce and using spreadsheets, which as Nick from GoCardless says, is far from the ideal state. 

Why is that?  We would love to know. In the meantime, if you would like us to walk you through how these tools work in conjunction with one another to deliver a seamless, scalable Customer Onboarding process that allows your teams and customers to see success faster, then get in touch today and we would be happy to run through a demo