Customer Onboarding is the stage of the customer journey where you can make the biggest impact on success.

That’s what Andy Mahood, founder of Taskfeed and Adam Joseph are discussing on this week’s Customer Success Conversations podcast.

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The answer to this question, was one of the findings covered in the Taskfeed Customer Onboarding Benchmark Report last year,  the industry’s most comprehensive research to date, currently being updated for 2019. Of course, the 100s of conversations that Taskfeed have with businesses going through the onboarding process all contribute to the Taskfeed team’s unique level of insight into this area. 

So going back to the original question, what is this the most critical part of the journey? Well, the point is right at the start: the demos are done, the sales process is finished and now it’s time for the real thing, your customer is getting to grips with your product and making it work for them, for real. 

This is customer onboarding.

As a vendor, you need to be sure to get it right. How do you win your customer’s trust when, in Adam’s words, the ‘well of goodwill’ is empty. At the same time, it’s also the point that your customer is most open to change - this is your window to put in place the processes and technology that will help them get the real joy from your product. 

In which case, perhaps the more important question is: what can you do to make sure it goes to plan?

Not only will you learn how to maximise this crucial ‘window’ for change, Andy and Adam also cover topics such as:

  • When should your onboarding phase begin and end, and why the concept of ‘early value’ needs to be built in
  • Why we need to stop mixing up user onboarding and customer onboarding.
  • The maths behind the Customer Onboarding model and crucially, how it links to revenue figures
  • What is change management 101 and how do customer onboarding tools help to manage that?

If you want to know more about how you can successfully navigate these critical opening chapters in your customer’s success story, then do take time to listen to the podcast in full here. It could be the most valuable 20 minutes of your day…

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