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When we began working on our second Customer Onboarding Survey early in 2019 we expected to learn more about how companies were collaborating with customers, how they were using technology to support them scale and how onboarding team were using metrics to drive decisions. 

However when we came to analyse the results that came in from the industry it became apparent that there was another, bigger story that needed to be told.

Hyper-growth companies are backing Customer Onboarding, all the way

The business segment known as Hyper-growth are setting a whole new pace. Usually SaaS, they are scaling fast and they have the investment to take them further. Access to capital is not the only defining component for these fast scaling businesses though, it’s their conviction that early customer success is the key to profitable growth. That’s why they are making Customer Onboarding their top priority and in the process, leading the way for everyone else.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is purely a story about technology though. This is about what happens when you put rapid customer success at the heart of your business strategy and how that pans out across your culture, your people and your processes.

What does it mean for you? 

It’s good news. We now have a clear template to follow when it comes to successful onboarding. By harnessing the habits of the hyper success set and putting the picture together in the form of one comprehensive Customer Onboarding maturity model -  the first of it’s kind - there’s a clear formula emerging.  

We call it the Taskfeed Customer Onboarding Success Scale.

Outlining the four stages of maturity in customer onboarding in the context of business alignment, process, culture and people, collaboration and technology, you can see exactly where you sit now and, importantly, how you can take it to the next level. 

Download a copy of our report today and see how you measure up.

Wherever you sit now on our maturity scale, the technology and insight is all available to you to see success faster, starting with Customer Onboarding. That fact that you are here now is a sure sign that you already realize the growth potential of investing in customer success early. That in itself, puts you way ahead of the game.