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Learning from our peers and making our industry even better

According to Antoinette Bradley, Customer Success Manager at TotalMobile, there is a critical moment in the customer journey. It takes place once the sales process is over, and it’s the point that the customer can go from feeling like they are the ‘only one’ to simply feeling that they are ‘one of many’.

The real challenge is to keep your customers feeling that they are the ‘only one’ right the way through their journey.

So, how do you realistically manage that? That’s just one of the questions that we are looking to answer with our Customer Onboarding Survey 2019.

Back for the second year, our 2019 survey draws on the insights we gathered last time around and compiled in the form of the Customer Onboarding Benchmark Report 2018, the first of its kind for the industry. Building on this foundation, we are now seeking to re-benchmark, ask new questions and ultimately move even further forward in our understanding of this rapidly maturing field.  

Taskfeed are working hard to capture the full picture

We are going out to the key players in the industry - the people that have been blazing the trail for years. But we are not just reaching out to the established teams: we will also be talking to the new kids on the block; the ones who might be just setting out but have big ambitions; the teams about to step up into a new phase of growth and those who have been around for a while but now need to get serious with their onboarding strategy.

What’s going to be the result?

Judging by our ‘Customer Onboarding Benchmark Report’ from last year, we can promise you more eye-opening results this time around.

So, let’s recap a moment. What did we learn last year?

In our mission to put together a picture of the gold-standard for Customer Onboarding, we knew we needed to get to the core of the SaaS business. We wanted to know much more than simply who: we wanted to know what tools people were using, what results they were seeing and what they needed to do next to achieve more. There were some standout facts:-

  • Our industry is coming of age: 88% of companies who took part have a Customer Success function
  • However, a dedicated Customer Onboarding function is most likely to exist in the Enterprise or the Hyper-growth companies
  • Despite often following a high-touch process, many smaller companies did not charge for their service.
  • Churn remains the key challenge across all the businesses we surveyed.

There is still a lot more we need to understand. That’s why we are doing it all again for 2019

If report in 2018 opened the door to a new understanding of our industry, we now have an opportunity to explore even further in our second survey. As tech-driven businesses become more keenly aware of the powerful effect that great Customer Onboarding has on renewal rates, customer satisfaction and lifetime value, their investment in this process is about to skyrocket. Now is the time to understand how to excel and that’s why we need you.

Collaboration, measuring success and driving great customer outcomes

There is so much more that we can learn. Springboarding on last year’s results, we know that for 2019 collaboration models are key: we want to know more about how your teams are working together; the technology and tools you are using; your processes to drive effective onboarding experiences for your customers.

We are also going to ask what form of measurement you are using: how do you work out what difference you are making, and importantly, where you can improve? And we want to ask about outcomes: What effect is all your effort having on the outcomes for your customer?

With this vital input, directly from the individuals such as yourself - those who are shaping this emerging industry - we will analyse the results and turn this into the touchstone report for Customer Onboarding today.

You will be the first to get the report.

Finally, as a survey contributor, you will also benefit from being the first to receive the report. It’s a unique opportunity to benchmark your progress against your industry colleagues and competitors and gain insight into best practice as it evolves at the forefront of this key component of the SaaS recurring revenue business model. In essence, how do we make our customer continue to feel like the ‘only one’?

Which takes us back to where we started, with Antoinette Bradley. It’s not really about tools and technologies - although these factors are vital - that’s not really our business. It’s creating that great customer experience that drives our business forward. How do we do that? As an industry, we don’t have all the answers yet. Take part in our 2019 survey and let’s get closer to figuring them out together.

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