High-touch Customer Onboarding

Taskfeed is on your side to make each customer successful helping you plan, manage and measure high-touch or complex customer onboarding or implementation programs all from the worlds #1 CRM, Salesforce.


Accelerate time to value. Onboarding plans created from Salesforce. Templated playbooks mapped to products or customer segment. Collaborate with your customer.

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Gain the visibility you need across your teams and for all customers. Manage post-sale Implementation Projects from Salesforce.

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Create projects embedded in your Salesforce CRM Accounts and Opportunities. Runs on the Salesforce platform.

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Built on the Salesforce platform. 100% Native.

Runs on Salesforce, the worlds #1 CRM.

When Customer Onboarding is managed from Salesforce your teams are more collaborative, on the same page, and the most critical stage of your customer lifecycle is managed all in one place.

Amazing customers trust Taskfeed everyday

Wolters Kluwer